Vegetable Plants and Vegetable Seedlings

Vegetable Plants and Seedlings


vegsceneSometimes you need to start your vegetable growing off with plants so we stock a seasonal range of vegetable plants and vegetable seedlings.

Most of these are available from March until June but some, appropriate to the season are available in autumn and at other times of year.

Most of our vegetable plants and vegetable seedlings are now grown entirely pesticide free. They are grown in modules so that establishment after planting is rapid.

These vegetable plants and vegetable seedlings are perfect for growing in raised beds, on allotments, in veg patches and even in containers.

Vegetable plants and vegetable seedlings are the perfect way to fill gaps and maximise vegetable production in your garden.


The Brassicas – Cabbages, Sprouts, Broccoli, etc


cabbageGrowing this group of vegetables will provide fresh healthy and tasty vegetables all year round!

We have varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale for summer autumn and winter harvesting.

We have Brussel sprout, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and cabbage vegetable plants for harvesting from autumn through to the end of winter.

We also have spring cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli vegetable plants for late winter and early spring harvesting.


Salad Leaves, Lettuce and Spinach


saladsYou can’t beat easy to grow fresh salad leaves picked straight form your garden!

We have a good range of lettuce plants [hearting, leaf and of course coloured]. We also often have mizuna and other less common leaf salad vegetable plants.

Spinach is one of the most popular vegetables to grow and we stock these as both seeds and plants.


Root Crops, Onions, Shallots, etc


OniontrugIn spring we have shallots and onion sets as vegetable plants growing in trays. Of course we sell many of these and garlic as dry bulbs [‘sets’].

Although they are easy to grow from seed, salad onions are popular vegetable plants that we offer.

Leek vegetable plants are probably the biggest selling vegetable plant and they are generally available from March to late July.

Few root crops do well grown from vegetable plants but the exception is beetroot which is available in spring.


Legumes – Peas, Beans, etc


mangetoutPea and mange tout vegetable plants are available in spring.

Broad bean plants are available from very early spring through to early summer and again in autumn.

Runner bean and French bean vegetable plants are available from late spring [when frosts are less likely].


Courgette, Peppers, Sweet Corn & other Vegetables.


MarrowsCourgette, marrow, squash, pumpkin and ridge cucumbers vegetable plants are available from us from late spring onwards. These are ideal for growing in raised beds and containers.

Tomato plants are available from early March onwards but should not be planted outside until the risk of frost is past. We have outdoor varieties of cherry, beefsteak, plum and conventional tomato varieties.

Pepper, chilli and aubergine vegetable plants are available in spring and grow well in containers.

Sweet corn vegetable plants are available in May.