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Alan’s Western Daily Press Gardening Column


Alan Down, owner of Cleeve Nursery has been gardening correspondent for the Western Daily Press [WDP] since 2005 and here you can download some his interesting and informative Saturday columns.

Many of the more recent articles can also be read in Alan Down’s Gardening Blog or Gardening tips for each month of the year can be found here.

howto1RHS Chelsea Centenary Flower Show Report May 18th 2013. A summary of trends and fashions.

Time to Plant out Your Summer Veg May 11th

Fill your Containers for Great Summer Colour! May 4th 2013. Tips on what plants to go for.

Hanging Basket Planting April 27th

Gardeners battle with Badgers April 20th

Catching Up with Veg Plants April 13th

Japanese Gardens and Japanese Culture April 6th

Easter Decorations – a Danish Influence March 30th

Growing and Forcing Rhubarb March 23rd 2013

Time to Get Sowing and What to Sow Now March 16th 2013. Flowers and vegetables to sow in March.

Mothering Sunday Gift Ideas March 9th 2013

Old [and new] Varieties of Irish Primroses Mar 2nd 2013. Truly perennial primroses, handed down from generation to generation, are rescued by a retired Irish dentist and available again.

Growing Camellias Feb 23rd. Tips on growing these beautiful early flowering evergreen shrubs

Enjoy your winter wonderland but prepare for spring! Jan 26th 2013 Snow brings extra beauty to our gardens [image of Alan’s garden featured]

Indoor Houseplants Improve Your Health Jan 19th 2013 Christmas tree out, houseplant in! WDP feature.

Hillier Landscapes and how to improve your garden Part 2. Jan12th 2013 Guest feature on Alan’s WDP column

Hillier Landscapes and how to improve your garden Part 1. Jan 5th 2013 Guest feature on Alan’s WDP column

Beautiful Coloured Bark and Stems Dec. 15th 2012 Western Daily feature of dogwoods, willows, etc.

Gifts for Gardeners Dec. 8th 2012. Alan suggests Christmas gift ideas for gardeners.

Moth Orchids from the Forest of Dean Dec. 1st 2012 WDP feature on Riley Orchid growers.

Recommended Apples to Grow Nov. 24th 2012 WDP feature.

Perennial Vegetables Nov. 17th 2012 WDP feature.

What Trees to Plant Nov. 10th 2012 Alan’s recommendations of what ornamental trees to plant.

Ash Disease Disaster Looms Nov. 3rd 2012 WDP feature on the implications to the UK.

Preparing the greenhouse for winter Oct. 27th 2012 WDP feature on what to do in the greenhouse now

Top plants for autumn colour Oct. 20th 2012 WDP feature on what triggers good autumn colour and which plants to grow to get it.

Planting a glorious display of colour couldn’t be easier Oct. 13th 2012 WDP feature on Plant of the Month Heuchera and xHeucherella plus the usual timely tips.

Fill your baskets and hang onto colour all winter! Sept. 29th 2012 WDP feature on what to plant for colour in containers this winter.

Banish thoughts of a poor summer and plant autumn bedding now! Sept. 26th 2012. Time to get autumn, winter and spring flowering bedding plants established!

A thrifty way to get more from the lawn you love Sept. 15th 2012 Alternatives to grass for lawns in a WDP feature.

Tame wild hedges by being severe with your pruning Sept. 8th 2012 Rejuvenation of old overgrown hedges [WDP].

Autumn is the prime time to get your plants settled in Sept. 1st 2012 Plan it, Plant it this autumn; why autumn planting is best for all.

Climb aboard for the ticket to grow community roots Aug. 25th 2012 The Edible Bus Stop project and how communities can be brought together by growing food together.

Plenty of plants make the cut for floral displays Aug. 18th 2012 The cutting garden and what to grow for cut flowers.

The thorny issue of cultivating roses Aug. 11th 2012. A look at roses 3000 miles apart; in Oregon and Surrey and the importance of disease control.

Gardening for children Aug. 4th 2012. Felicity Down [Alan’s wife] steps in and tells us how to get children into gardening.

Summer pruning provides shock treatment July 28th 2012. Summer pruning, what to prune and why it works.

Fashionable colours in the border July 21st 2012 A look at what colours garden designers are using.

Between land and water, the plants that love moisture July 14th 2012 Bog and Marginal Plants

Delve deep down into the dazzling world of dahlias July 7th 2012 Western Daily Press The revival of zingy spectacular Dahlias!

Summer is the New Spring June 30th 2012 Western Daily Press. Why it’s still not too late for a great show this summer!

Things are looking rosy as we head into mid-summer June 23rd Western Daily Press A look at climbing and rambling roses

Expert on hand to advise about ‘the queen of climbers’ June 16th 2012 Western Daily Press feature on Raymond Evison Clematis plants

These rampant relatives will soon get growing June 9th 2012 Western Daily Press. Growing courgettes, marrows and cucumbers.

Make the most of your garden with a summertime show. May 2nd 2012 Western Daily Press.

A lesson in saving water from those who should know May 26th 2012 Western Daily Press. Featuring the excellent water saving garden at the HQ of Bristol Water.

Could petunias be the perfect plant? Take your pick… May 19th Western Daily Press column

Be patriotic in your planting and you could win a reward May 12th 2012 Western Daily Press. Our Jubilee Doorstep Challenge to you this summer! Celebrate with flowers!

Don’t miss out on those marvellous Japanese maples May 6th 2012 Western Daily Press. Marvellous maples dazzle in spring as well as autumn!

An Exotic-Looking Orchid that’s Great in Our Gardens April 28th 2012 Western Daily Press. Cypripedium [Lady’s Slipper Orchids] are extremely hardy and are a lot easier to grow than they look!

Plant in Patriotic style for 2012 summer festivities. April 21st 2012 Western Daily Press.

French or English – you’ll love growing Lavender. April 14th 2012 Western Daily Press.

Turn your thoughts to tomatoes and their relatives. April 7th 2012 WDP. With an Easter traditional crop- potatoes- already in the ground its time to plant others in this family.

It’s sow good to get going on the growing season. March 31st 2012 Western Daily Press. The thrill of seedlings emerging never lessens!

Give your plants a hand by picking the perfect spot March 24th 2012 Western Daily Press. Explore the micro climates and niches in your garden.

It’s time to go wild for these wonderful berries Jan 21st 2012 Western Daily Press Gardening Column

Lucky heather! February flowerers are just the remedy for late winter Jan 29 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Praise be to the gardeners who planned for our benefit Feb 19 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Action stations: repair work and pest awareness are key Feb 26 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Arm yourself with your drill and prepare to get seeding Mar 05 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Arriba, Arriba! Invite the sun of Mexico into your garden Mar 12 2011 Western Daily Press Column

The magic of KinderGarden is the new, easy, route to the perfect garden Mar 19 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Sweet Pea growing Mar 26 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

How to pick a Mother’s Day flower to remember April 2 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Forget Christmas – Think About Next Spring Sept. 24 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Look after your fruit and it will look after you Oct. 8 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Mild summer and short season stunt pumpkins’ growth Oct. 29 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Planting now for a bountiful harvest of the best fruit Nov. 05 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

It may be winter but these beauties are warming up Nov. 19 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Berry Christmas! ‘Tis the season to think about holly Dec. 3 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.

Arriba, arriba! Invite the sun of Mexico into your garden Dec. 12 2011 Western Daily Press Gardening Column.