BirdfeedersFeeders for Wildlife
We stock a vast range of feeders for wildlife and bird feeders.

Designs of our bird feeders reflect the type of bird feed that they hold and the bird feed will dictate which bird species you are most likely to attract into your garden.

If you put out a range of different bird feeds in a range of bird feeders then you will attract the maximum variety and quantity of birds to your garden.

Position feeders in your garden so that you can see the birds feeding from inside your house but where there is the cover of a thick bush or tree nearby so that visiting birds can have somewhere to wait their turn to feed or somewhere to take cover when they feel threatened.


Bird Feeders for Peanuts


peanutwoodpoeckerPeanut bird feeders will attract a range of tits and if you are lucky perhaps a woodpecker or siskins.

Look for strongly constructed bird feeders with coarse mesh sides that are easy to refill and clean.

We always have squirrel proof versions in stock.




Bird Feeders for Mixed Seed


MixedseedbirdfeederMixed bird seed, sometimes called wild bird seed, attracts the greatest range of birds into your garden.

Because mixed seed contains a lot of small seeds, these bird feeders need to have small holes from which the birds can peck out the seed.

Look for strong attractive looking bird feeders that are easy to sterilise periodically.

Mixed seed can be scattered on the ground but always do that close to cover so that birds can take shelter if cats or sparrowhawks come visiting.

Bird Feeders for Niger Seed


Photo credit Dave Bax

Bird feeders for niger seed need to have tiny holes to restrict the flow of this slippery and small sized seed.

Niger bird feeders are likely to attract the beautiful siskins and goldfinch.



Bird Feeders for Sunflowers


sunflowerfeederandnuthatchSunflower seed is oval in shape and so needs feeders that have fairly large holes in the side.

Sunflower seed is a very popular feed for birds!

Look for strong attractive looking bird feeders that are easy to sterilise periodically.

We also offer shelled sunflower seed which results in less mess under the feeder.


Bird Feeders for Suet Balls


Suetballsandbirds_000Suet balls, sometimes called fat balls, are packed full of energy and goodness.

A very wide range of birds will feed on suet balls.

Bird feeders for suet balls have very open sides.

These are very popular with members of the tit family so watch out for the long-tailed tits in our image visiting your feeder!


Feeders for Butterflies and Moths


butterfly, red admiral, High energy feeds can attract and significantly boost butterflies and moths. Normally used during summer, it may be helpful to continue feeding during our increasingly warmer winters when many moths are on the wing and some hibernating butterflies venture out too.

We stock feeders for butterflies and moths from the Wildlife World range.


Bird Tables


birdtableAlways in stock, we have a range of strongly constructed bird tables. Most will fit into cars but remember that we can deliver locally.

Styles vary so that you can choose a bird table that suits your garden.

The feeding tables are easily cleaned but should be firmly anchored.

The widest range of birds will feed from bird tables and even ground nesting birds will prefer to feed from a bird table since they feel safe out of the reach of cats!


Bird Feeders – Squirrel Proof


red squirrel, squirrels, feeder, birdRed squirrels are delightful and I don’t think     that anyone would begrudge them a few peanuts! But the very common grey squirrel may be fun to watch but they are very destructive and consume a lot of bird feed.

Several of the bird feeders that we stock have strong cages surrounding the feeder that allows small birds to enter but prevents the squirrel reaching the food.

We have other ingenious devices that prevent squirrels eating your bird feed and these include squirrel baffles and steel sleeved tubes that slide down over and cover the bird feeder.


Bird Feeders for Ground Feeders


blackbird, feed, feeder, garden, cleeveA few birds prefer to feed on the ground. These include blackbird, thrush, wren, dunnock, wood pigeon and dove.

Mealworms are especially popular with this range of birds.

Ground feeding tables will keep the feed that you put out fresh and clean.