Wildlife Feeds


wildlifefeedsFeeding wildlife in our gardens can give us the opportunity to see things up close. But feeding wildlife is also important to helping species get through times when feed is scarce. Our gardens form a very significant environment for wildlife and the help we give goes some way to combating the concreting over of land and the intensification of agriculture.

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birdsonasuetballfeeder_000Bird feeds such as mixed grain, peanuts, fat balls and sunflower seeds are available from us year round and, since we buy it in bulk and sell most of it loose, it represents good value. You can buy as little as you like from us or a whole large sack full.

We also have more specialised feeds such as freeze dried worms, robin food and niger seed and, of course, a big range of feeders for all feeds.


nuthatchonfeedersFeeds are of little use without bird feeders! We always have a very comprehensive range of bird feeders in stock. Some are very functional, some highly decorative and some are for specialised feeds but all will bring birds into your garden.

Many of the plants, trees and shrubs that we grow and sell will feed wildlife and we also stock a range of wildlife friendly flower seed packs too!

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SunflowerseedSunflower seed

Always popular with any of the seed eating birds, our sunflower seeds will save you money too.

Loose seeds still have their shells on but if you just want sunflower hearts we have those in packets too.

Available in 13kg sacks too.



High energy peanuts will attract birds from the finch and tit families. You may be lucky to attract nuthatches and woodpeckers too!

All our peanuts are certified by RSPB and BTO as free of aflatoxin contamination and are completely safe.

Loose seed is the economical way to buy! We also sell 25kg sacks.

abirdseedWild Bird Mixed Feed

This is our most popular loose bird food. The mixed seed is attractive to a very wide range of bird varieties.

Suitable to be fed from hanging feeders, tables and even to ground feeding bird species.

20kg sacks sold too.


SuetballsandbirdsSuet Balls or Fat Balls

Suet balls are high energy feeds and popular with a very wide range of birds.

We sell these loose or in various sizes of plastic buckets with lids [often discounted].



hedgehog_000Hedgehog Food

Hedgehogs need our help!
This is a mix of high energy food and far superior to a bowl of milk and bread [which is not recommended and can be harmful].
Hedgehog food will be eaten by visiting hedgehogs any time when they are active but the most important time to provide hedgehog food in your garden is during autumn. This hedgehog food will help build food reserves needed during hibernation. Sometimes during mild spells in winter, hedgehogs wake up and move around. Hedgehog feed is particularly valuable to hedgehogs then.