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rhododendron, azalea, cleeve nurseryBudded and blooming English grown Rhododendrons
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clematis, climbers, climbing, plants
Fresh British grown climbing plants and roses in!View Detail
Veg, vegetables, plants, cleeve nursery, bristolVegetable plants are now in including tomatoes!View Detail
tomato, tomatoes, salad, vegetables, cleeve nursery, bristolTomato plants, bags and fertiliser in
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hanging basket, plants, cleeve nurseryHanging Basket and patio plant range on sale View Detail Kinder Garden, plants, baby, starter, Cleeve Nursery
Local nursery fresh bedding plants in now! View Detail

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  • Bristol Mayor, Alan Down, Chelsea Fringe, Bristol, vegetables

    Pot Vegetables for Small Spaces

    Growing pot vegetables for small spaces has never been easier! Suttons Seeds of Torquay here in the [...]

    May 21

  • pelargonium or geranium, geraniums, pelargonium, bedding plants,

    Pelargoniums or Geraniums

    Do you call them Pelargonium or Geranium plants? Well they are actually Pelargonium with just the ha[...]

    May 19

  • wisteria, climber, climbing plant, white

    Climbing Wisteria

    The Climbing Wisteria is surely the ultimate climber! No other climbing plant quite delivers that ch[...]

    May 8

  • Evergreen Azaleas in pots

    Rhododendrons and azaleas

    In the next few days many rhododendrons and azaleas and other so called ‘lime hating’ plants are[...]

    April 25