Alpine and Rockery Plants

Alpine and Rockery Plants

RockeryAlpine and rockery perennial plants are a mix of hardy semi-woody plants, low growing herbaceous perennials and bulbs.

To this can be added truly dwarf slow growing conifers and dwarf shrubs.

Because these evolved high in the mountains, alpine and rockery plants are generally very tough.


alpinetroughMany are low growing flowering plants; Aubrieta, Campanula, pinks [Dianthus], rock roses [Helianthemum], Phlox, thymes, Veronica Some have succulent leaves; house leeks [Semperviviums] and Sedums.

Of course, you don’t have to have a ‘rockery’ to grow alpine plants and rockery plants as these look fantastic in troughs, on top of soil filled walls, and edging any border in the garden. Some can even be planted between paving on paths and drives.


Sun loving alpine and rockery plants


Where the sun is on your rockery the whole day we have alpine perennials and rockery plants that will lap that up!

Amongst the range at Cleeve Nursery, you will find Alyssum, Anthemis, Achillea, Arabis, Aubrieta, Ceratostigma, Dianthus, Diascia, Erigeron, Helianthemum, Lewisia, Phlox, Saponaria, Sedum, Silene, Sempervivium, Sisyrinchium, Verbena, Verbascum, Zauschneria and lots of others.


Shade-loving/ shade-tolerant alpine and rockery plants

cyclamen, hardy, plant, perennial
Hardy Cyclamen coum

A few rockery plants and alpine plants do best in shade. These are often the plants that grow on the north and east side of mountains.

Ajuga, Aquilegia, Brunnera, Campanula, Cyclamen, Epimedium, hardy ferns, Lysimachia, Omphalodes, Pulmonaria, Soldanella, Tellima, Tiarella, Vinca and Viola are just some of the shade tolerant alpine plants and rockery plants that you can grow.


Drought-tolerant alpine and rockery plants

Snow in Summer – Cerastium

When established, many alpine and rockery perennial plants will thrive even in very dry conditions. Sedum [ice plants] and Sempervivium [house leeks] store water in their leaves but when in flower are a magnet for bees and butterflies. Aubrieta, Cerastrum [snow in summer], Dianthus [pinks] Helianthemum [rock rose], thyme and Verbena provide a great variety of colour shape and form and will flourish in dry conditions.


Alpine and rockery perennials plants that attract wildlife

Ice Plant – Sedum

Our gardens have become an exceptionally important place for wildlife!
Planting alpine and rockery plants that provide nectar for insects and food for pupae and seeds to help wildlife through winter is not only important but provides us with the opportunity to see this wildlife up close.

The trained and experienced staff at Cleeve Nursery will help you to choose wisely without compromising the decorative aspects of your garden.

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