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Houseplants & Succulents

Houseplants in their many forms breathe life into interiors. It’s been proven that the addition of plants in the house creates a sense of well-being and also adds humidity to dry, centrally-heated homes in winter. Some plants are even said to clean pollutants from the air, including Ivy, Pothos and Snake plants. Not only do indoor plants provide health benefits, they make a house a home.

The key to good plant parenting is to try and recreate the plants natural environment as much as possible e.g. light, water, humidity. 

We have a fantastic selection of well-tended houseplants and succulents, including the more unusual varieties. This range changes regularly and there is always something new. 

We do things a little differently here and every houseplant label has specific care instructions and information about the plant so you have the best chance of keeping your purchase in tip-top condition. Ria is usually on-hand to answer any houseplant questions you might have.

We know that every houseplant deserves a beautiful pot so we have a range of pots to suit every taste and budget, including hanging pots for trailing plants.

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Advice on Growing House Plants

Many of the most undemanding houseplants are tropical or subtropical trees or vines that commonly grow beneath the forest canopy, so are used to low to moderate diffuse light, but please remember that the indoor environment can be too dark even for them. Most houseplants will be happy if you can give them a well-lit, draught-free spot with an even temperature and reasonably high humidity – a light bathroom can be perfect for sweetheart philodendrons, prayer plants, spider plants, African violets, aloe vera, Boston fern, the peace lily, leopard lily and even some bamboo varieties.

However, avoid putting plants on a south-facing windowsill in summer where they could scorch. Succulents and cacti will thrive there. Flowering plants and those with variegated foliage, need more light than plain green plants, whilst orchids like bright, indirect light, high humidity and fresh air. A dark room or corner can be just right for an aspidistra or fern. These can be very attractive, especially when a few varieties are grouped together!

Houseplants are most often killed by over watering so keep soil moist but wait until it has almost dried out before re-watering. Give less water in winter than in spring and summer when your plants are growing. Tap water is fine for most houseplants, but collect rainwater for orchids and carnivorous plants. Some plants, such as the African violet and cyclamen are better watered from below because their leaves rot if they get wet.

Give liquid feed [Baby Bio, Phostrogen, Miracle-Gro] when plants are actively growing and follow the instructions on the pack. All these plant feeds are available from Cleeve Nursery.

Ferns, orchids and tropical plants benefit from a daily misting with a hand-held water spray. Grouping plants on a tray of damp gravel will also provide a good micro-climate, and makes the plants look more interesting, and individual plants are often happiest sitting on a layer of damp gravel in their outer pot, so that there is always some water to draw up.

Pot on your plant to a larger container within a few weeks of purchase, and re-pot every year or so, preferably in spring or summer, into a free-draining container one size up, adding slow-release fertiliser to the compost. Some root pruning can be done to manage the size of most plants.

Before you go on holiday, water all pots thoroughly and move large house plants to a shady room. Smaller pots, particularly those that prefer high humidity, are best left in the bath on a couple of wet towels, but be sure they are not in direct sunlight. Red spider mites love dusty leaves, so keep your houseplants dust free by using leaf shine and occasionally give them a shower – for larger and sturdier plants, most of which enjoy a period outdoors in high summer, a gentle blast from the hose will help manage common indoor pests, such as spider mites, mealybugs (that look like white mould or fluff) and scale insects (brown bumps on the stems and undersides of the leaves). Be sure to check and wash the stems and the undersides of all leaves. Provado Ultimate Bug Killer or Bug Clear Ultra for Pots controls these pests and are available from Cleeve Nursery too.

Orchids are number one house plants and are much easier to look after than once thought. They also bloom longer than most other indoor plants.

House plants have the ability to make the air that we breathe in our homes better!

Back in vogue again we stock Air Plants and all the bits that you need to keep them happy and to make a great indoor display.

See details and tips on growing Air Plants here

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