Plant Bulbs from Cleeve Nursery – Planting Bulbs for Sale

bulb23The soil beneath deciduous trees is often moist and light, offering the perfect growing conditions for many bulbs, and almost all of them look good naturalised in swathes in grass or through borders. When naturalising bulbs under trees or in lawns, achieve a natural look by throwing bulbs up in the air and planting them where they land.

Plant spring flowering bulbs from October to December, before the first hard frost. Most hardy bulbs originate from the Mediterranean, so they thrive in sunshine in freely draining soil. Many bulbs will rot while dormant if the soil is too wet.

Most of us plant bulbs too shallowly. Plant so that there is at least double the depth of the bulb [measuring from tip to base] of soil and compost on top after planting. Deep planted bulbs flower better and for many more years than shallow ones.

Try mixing several different types of bulbs together in a tub, pot or window box. If you choose bulbs that flower at different times you can have an inexpensive ever-changing spring display that flowers for months. For early colour look for shorter varieties that withstand wind, such as dwarf daffodils, crocus, snowdrops, grape hyacinths and small tulips, with slightly taller daffodils and tulips to follow-on.

Position the empty pots in a sunny, sheltered spot close to a wall. On top of at least an inch of crocks or gravel, put a few inches of compost, then the larger bulbs that have the energy to reach the top. Layer compost and bulbs until the pot is full, then plant winter pansies or violas on top

We also have a wide range of spring flowering bulbs available ‘in the green’ (potted) January to April.

Of course, in spring and early summer we also sell summer flowering bulbs such as Alliums, Dahlias, Begonias, Lilies and late flowering Nerines.