Shrubs and Bushes for Screening

Shrubs and Bushes Screening


bush45Shrubs can provide a living wall, ideal when you need to disguise an ugly view, carve out a private area away from the gaze of neighbours, give shade or protect your garden from strong winds. They have added advantages in the beauty of their foliage, colour and texture, often with flowers and berries; they encourage birds and butterflies into your garden and can be a constant source of greenery for flower displays.

However, you need to give a lot of thought to what you want your shrubs to do – height, habit and maintenance for starters. Consider first how fast-growing you want them, and their ultimate size – their height and spread in 10 years’ time. Remember, they grow outwards as well as upwards, and on small properties can eat into your space – where only a few feet are available, small-leaved or needled columnar shrubs are better than large bushes that will quickly outgrow the area. Be prepared to trim regularly. Where there’s plenty of room, you can grow larger, faster-growing shrubs and avoid clipping.

Where the aim is to hide an unsightly view such as an oil tank or children’s play equipment in the next garden, measure the height of the shrubs you will need by getting someone to raise a pole until it is as high as the eyesore. This will make it easier to find the right shrub or tree.

If there is an existing fence and you want to hide things that show above it, consider planting a row of trees or standards (such as laurel or privet) that screen from the top of the fence line. This is called a stilted hedge and allows screening to be achieved at higher levels, leaving the lower level open for under-planting. The row of trunks against a wall or fence with the repetitive balls or teardrops of leaves above is a very cool look for an urban garden.




conb5Homeowners who plant hedges for privacy usually want quick results, and for most people, Leyland cypress springs immediately to mind. Some people love them for being wide, dense and fast growing (5m in the first 10 years) and available in several colours.

However, there are many easier to manage alternatives that we can recommend, just ask our experienced team.

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Laurel and Evergreen Screening


A fast-growing and evergreen, laurel has large shiny bright green leaves. Laurel hedges grow well in shade, are excellent for screening and can be pruned to any height, although if uncontrolled they will ultimately grow to 4.57m (15ft).

We grow many alternative evergreen screening and hedge plants in our nursery and always have quantity discounts to offer.

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