Shrubs and Plants for Sun

Shrubs and Plants for Sun


RosegardenatDavidAustinRosesMany shrubs and plants do best when planted in full sun. Add to this the many perennial plants that enjoy sun and you have a recipe for a great display!

These may have evolved in and adapted to sunny places in the wild, or they may have been bred to enjoy full sun.

Invariably, these plants also enjoy or demand good drainage but they will often put up with poor soil.
Some have modified growth to cope with the demands of full sun.


Shrubs with Reduced Leaves


CytisusReduced leaf size is an adaption to full sun and to dry soil. A large number of sun loving shrubs have this feature.

Cytisus [Broom], Genista, small leaf Hebe and heathers all have smaller leaves to cope with full sun.

Tamarix will grow into a small tree but it too has small leaves to tolerate sunny places.


Shrubs with Grey Leaves


ConvolvOften planted as much for their leaves as for their flowers, shrubs and plants with grey or even silver leaves need full sun to do well.

Perovskia [Russian Sage], Caryotperis, some Buddleja and Hebe and Convolvulus cneorum are excellent sun loving shrubs.

Eucalyptus, regularly pruned back each year, provides superb grey foliage in full sun.


Shrubs with Aromatic Leaves


RosemaryMany shrubs and plants have leaves that are aromatic and are full of oils that protect the tissue from bright sun.

Most of these also come from Mediterranean areas of the world [South Africa, South Australia, California and of course around the Mediterranean Sea].

Lavender, sage, rosemary, Santolina [Cotton Lavender] and thyme are typical sun loving plants in this group.


Shrubs with Thickened or Waxy Leaves


HebeThese shrubs and plants that love sun often are very wind tolerant too. This makes them a good choice for seaside planting.

Spiky leaf plants such as Phormium and Yucca look dramatic all year long.

Some shrubs and plants have shiny, waxy or sticky leaves. This helps them to tolerate full sun.

Escallonia [good for hedges], Euonymus, Hebe, Ceanothus and box [Buxus] all fall into this category.


Shrubs that love Sun!


HyperMany shrubs and plants have evolved in sunny places.
Once established [water well to start with] they can often also endure periods of drought.

Abelia, Hebe, Hypericum, Hibiscus, Potentilla and Spirea all have very long flowering times and will provide a good show.

Sambucus, Berberis and some varieties of Spirea have very attractive colour foliage that extends the display even longer.

Philadelphus and Ribes have scented blooms as well as attractive flowers.